Building Stronger Brand Awareness Using Five SEM Strategies From Semalt

Business owners should understand that SEM or SEO strategies are not flexible and are not going to boost you brand awareness. The reason is that search algorithms always change. As these changes take place, so should the business make use of each opportunity. It is the only way the company's ROI will shoot up. The following is a five-step process described by Igor Gamanenko, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, with the help of which one can improve the local SEO services.

1. 54% of the Americans shopping public have switched from using phone books to browsing the internet and performing local searches for goods or services. It, therefore, means that the local clients form the backbone of the business and owners should strive to satisfy their interests if they are to survive the industry. An example of such is the Parsons Behle and Latimer law firms from Utah, which updates its clients about the latest news or local legislation that might affect them through their website. They depend on SEM to drive traffic to their sites, and consequent profits to their site.

2. Links and citations emanating from localized sites add as valuable resources to the business's brand awareness campaigns. They improve organic presence as well as the referral traffic from local SEO. It is important to note that links and citations are among the top-ranking signals for Google's search algorithm. The referrals act as votes of confidence which give the company a boost in the SEO arising from the credibility it gains.

3. Stay on top of your PPC efforts. It is quite common to find business owners who think that they can confidently create a PPC campaign and immediately expect results. Google AdWords is the largest local ad marketplace, and for one to see any ROI, they must be an expert in the field. Running a pay-per-click campaign requires experience and understanding if one expects to have their brand correctly displayed. In-house marketing may seem to help to save money, but business owners need to hire a professional to do the PPC for them as it is the best option in the long-run.

4. Pictures are good, but moving pictures are even better. It is easy to give recognition to a brand using testimonials from people who have worked with the company before, or infographics depicting what a company stands for. However, videos tend to accomplish this more efficiently. Even so, one must remember to include a takeaway in the video such a recipe tip, free financial advice, or a suggestion on how to get a discount coupon on the site. Otherwise, the video will not make as much impact as expected. Google has invested a lot in the YouTube channel, and it happens so that it is quite a popular place for firms looking to grab a significant share of the local search market.

5. Market to the Millennials. Currently, there is an estimated 86 million of Millennials, meaning that it is a profitable niche. If the brand does not reach out to them through their favorite mobile apps, then there is a high chance that it is not reaching the group. By the 2018, locally targeted mobile ads will occupy more than half of total spending on ads.

The best strategy is to rely on the local SEO services and the five steps mentioned in this post will help to accomplish that, and improve the ROI of the business.

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